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Due to the uniqueness of the Racing Limos, as with real racing vehicles there are many opportunities for advertising. Marketing Partnerships are available that include corporate partners logos/messages on the vehicle itself with additional value added benefits. In addition, the Racing Limos showcar will be sure to draw in plenty of foot traffic and potential customers.

Racing Limos of Dover excels at High Impact and Targeted ad campaigns that will provide businesses of all sizes an innovative marketing tool at an affordable rate. By saturating a market with our sponsors' message in the form of authentic vinyl wraps on the sides, rear, doors and hood of our car, we can increase response rates to all of their advertising expenditures. Our race themed limo will advertise at grand openings, recruitment campaigns, conventions, trade shows, special deals and any brand awareness events that our client desires.

Racing Limos of Dover will also provide its clients unmatched visibility in high traffic areas such as shopping centers, airports, casinos, sporting events, concerts, community events and any imaginable outdoor location. The message of our sponsors will be viewed by thousands of people each day, and because the message is uniquely displayed and targeted to those most likely to take interest, it will provide unparalleled response rates to marketing dollars.

Racing Limos of Dover will help increase our client's sales, name recognition and product awareness!


let racing limos drive revenue to your business

There are many ways to use

Racing Limos of Dover:

• On site presence

• Sales promotions

• Public relations

• Customer hosting

• Business to business

• Charity & cause related association

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